About (Basic page)

This is the page people use to find out more about who your candidate is, where they're from, what their background is, and what type of values they have.
1. In the dashboard, click Website > New Page to create a new page. You can type anything under Name and Slug, but we prefer to use "About" or "Meet [First Name]" to indicate what the page is for. Make sure the page type is Basic.
2. It's important to upload a hero image and text. Make sure it's an attractive, high resolution (1440 x 800 pixels or higher) image of your candidate.
Find your page in the dashboard by locating the Name or Slug you gave it. Click on it, then click Files.
Upload your image to Files from your computer. The filename MUST include the abbreviation "bg" in it (stands for background).
Add a hero tag to the page. This makes it so the theme registers that you want to display a hero image.
Note: We recommend cropping a separate version (400 x 300 pixels) to accommodate mobile devices. The filename MUST contain the word "mobile" for the theme to display it.
3. You can add sections (aka content blocks) to Basic page types by creating subpages and adding a row tag to each individual subpage that you want to display. To add text to your subpage, click Content and type or paste it in. To add an image, click Files and upload from your computer.
These will automatically display as rows below your hero image, one column wide if you only add text and two columns wide if you also add an image.
This is an example of how the page structure looks for the About page
4. You can add a quote to your Basic page types by creating a subpage that contains the word "quote" in it. Click Content and type or paste in the quote's text. To display a video next to your quote, add a subpage to it with a video tag. In most cases, you can paste the URL of your video in Content and Embed.ly will automatically embed it.