Home (Landing page)

This is usually the first page people see when they visit your site. First impressions matter, so we've designed this page to showcase your candidate along with CTAs to gain supporters and donors.

Live demo: https://arrive.chuckwalladesign.com

1. In the dashboard, click Website > New Page to create a new page. You can type anything under Name and Slug, but we prefer to use "Home" or "Landing" to keep track of what the page is for.

2. It's important to upload a hero image and text. Make sure it's an attractive, high resolution (1440 x 800 pixels or higher) image of your candidate.

Click Subpages > New Subpage and be sure to name the slug "home_hero". Otherwise, it won't be visible as a new section on the homepage.

Upload your image to Files from your computer. The filename can be anything you want.

Note: We recommend cropping a separate version (400 x 300 pixels) to accommodate mobile devices. The filename MUST contain the word "mobile" for the theme to display it.

Add your hero text to Content. This text will serve as a Call to Action displayed over your hero image.

If you have designated a primary signup page under Pages > Defaults, a sign up form will show up over the hero image.

3. If you have designated a primary donation page under Pages > Defaults, a donate section will automatically show on the homepage. The progress bar will show once you have checked "Set goal for donations" in Donation settings under your donation page.

4. You can add another section to display a quote or additional information about your candidate.

Edit your page and click Content. Use the WYSIWYG editor to add text and any images you've uploaded to Files. To add a background image behind your text (like the demo), make sure the image filename has the abbreviation "bg" in it (stands for background).

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