This is the page people use to learn about where your candidate stands on certain issues and what policies they promise to implement.

Live demo:

1. In the dashboard, click Website > New Page to create a new page. You can type anything under Name and Slug, but we prefer to use "Issues" to indicate what the page is for. Make sure the page type is Basic.

2. It's important to upload a hero image and text. Make sure it's an attractive, high resolution (1440 x 800 pixels or higher) image of your candidate.

Find your page in the dashboard by locating the Name or Slug you gave it. Click on it, then click Files.

Upload your image to Files from your computer. The filename MUST include the abbreviation "bg" in it (stands for background).

Add a hero tag to the page. This makes it so the theme registers that you want to display a hero image.

Note: We recommend cropping a separate version (400 x 300 pixels) to accommodate mobile devices. The filename MUST contain the word "mobile" for the theme to display it.

3. To add issues to your page, tag it issues then create subpages. Each subpage will add a new issue. Text entered into the Headline field will become the title. The Content WYSIWYG area will become the informational text. These display in an accordion format that your visitors can toggle to read.

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